Montag, 10. September 2018

APEX 4.2, 5.1, 18,2 - send email from an APEX application

again and again the question is asked: how to send an email from an APEX application ?

sorry - english, because this is an answer to a question in the APEX community forum.

I answered:

1: Pls kindly read the user guide...:

(The whole functionality is based on the APEX_MAIL API)

2. in short:

A) from within a page/form - add procedure of type "Send_email" and use substitutions/placeholders like  &P1_NAME. or  &P1_EMAIL. in the UI properties... - this is one email as per page/data

B) loop thru records of a table and send emails to those records like: - this is: several emails in a row....

  2.             FROM TABLE  
  3. Where email is not null  
  4.           and status = 'Aktiv'  
  5. and ABTEILUNG like '%'||:P3_ABTEILUNG  
  6.           )  
  7. LOOP  
  8.   apex_mail.send( p_to => m.EMAIL,  
  9.                   p_from => '',  
  10.                   p_bcc => '',  
  11.                   p_body => 'Hallo '||m.vorname||','||chr(10)||chr(10)||:P3_TEXT||chr(10)||  
  12.                 :P3_SIGNATURE                 
  13.                 ,  
  14.                   p_subj => :P3_SUBJECT  
  15.                 );  
  16. end loop;  

:P3_TEXT, :P3_SIGNATURE, :P3_SUBJECT and :P3_ABTEILUNG are names of fields in page 3 - in SQL and pl/sql these types of substitutions are used... in the Procedure re A) "Send_email" UI we use substitutions of type: &P3_NAME.

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