Montag, 8. Juni 2020

Virtual Hands-on Lab Autonomous Database for APEX Developers June 16+18 2020

Virtual Hands-on Lab Autonomous Database for APEX Developers Part I and II wird es 16 und 18. Jui 2020 geben...

 Moderator: Bo English-Wiczling
Director of Program Management

 You'll learn hands-on how you can extend your APEX applications with new functionality by leveraging the new features that the Autonomous Database brings.
 Think about MACHINE LEARNING (including theory),
geographical visualizations with SPATIAL,
security and self service visualization with ANALYTICS.

 We'll go straight into these exciting topics and you'll be doing a lot of coding yourself in the exercises.

 Participants will get access to an Oracle Cloud account.
 Part I
Scheduled Labs 16th June:
- Lab 100: First steps with ATP
- Lab 200: Add Spatial to your APEX app
- Lab 300: Add Machine Learning to your APEX app

Part 2 Scheduled Labs 18th June:
- Lab 400: Add Security to your APEX app
- Lab 500: Add Analytics to your APEX app

Link zum Hands-on-Lab

 Viel Spaß !!!

Freitag, 24. April 2020

The making of COVID19.ORACLE.COM

COVID19.ORACLE.COM ist ein "Therapeutic learning System" und eine vom Oracle APEX Team entwickelte Anwendung, in der Covid19 infizierte ihr tägliches Wohlbefinden mitteilen können.

Am Anfang der Covid19-Krise in den USA gab es seitens der US Regierung einen Aufruf an alle Firmen, ihr Know How und Resourcen zur Verfügung zu stellen: "As part of a general mobilization of the tech industry to provide apps, tools, and cloud compute capacity,..." (wortlich aus dem ZDNet Artikel) - wie es weiter ging und

Wie es zu der App kam....

Die Story aus dem Munde von Joel Kallman umso beeindruckender - innerhalb der APEX@HOME 24 hour session am 16.4.20.... aufgezeichnet hier (bzgl. des Covid19 Projektes ab Min. 08:30h) - für mich hörte sich dies wie ein guter Krimi an...

Es lohnt sich, das anzuhören....

Als die App fertig war, gab es dann ein Announcement im White House hier.

Demo Video:

Freitag, 10. April 2020

APEX@HOME - 24 hours virtual conference - 24 speakers 16.April 2020

Awesome event - awesome speakers... just join and have fun!! - Start: Do., 16. April 06:00h deutsche Zeit - also: früh aufstehen !!

Recordings will be available via this link.

Our awesome APEX community has gotten together to create a virtual one day conference called APEX@Home! This will be a 24hr event with 24 speakers starting at 00:01 EDT on April 16th going until 23:59 EDT. We will be using the APEX Office Hours platform and Zoom link to host the event.

The format of talks will be 45 min talk (starting on the hour) followed by a 10 min Q&A from participants. We’ll allow a 5 min change over to switch to the next speaker then continue with the next talk.

What do you need to do?

Subscribe at so you can receive reminders for this special event.

We’ve created a schedule of all the talks (in APEX of course) that includes calendar links so you can easily add all the talks you want to attend to your calendar.

Pass this info along to all your friends, colleagues, etc. Help spread the word!

A lot of people in the community have stepped up to make this event a success so let’s all #MOCA!

12:00 AM = 06:00h Berlin-Time

Wenn man "Add to calendar" klickt, werden die Termine zu konvertierten Zeit im eigenen Kalender eingetragen ... alles started Donnerstag, 15 April 06:00h - früh aufstehen!!!

Update 16.04.2020 - 08:00h - Start-/End Zeiten sind jetzt DE-Zeiten jetzt:

TBDShakeeb Rahman16-APR-2020 06:0016-APR-2020 07:00Add to Calendar
Database Design for APEX Devs in 45minHeli Helskyaho16-APR-2020 07:0016-APR-2020 08:00Add to Calendar
Database Links vs. REST Enabled SQL in APEXAndreea Munteanu16-APR-2020 08:0016-APR-2020 09:00Add to Calendar
Using the PL/SQL DebuggerPhilipp Salvisberg16-APR-2020 09:0016-APR-2020 10:00Add to Calendar
Wizard of ORDSRoel Hartman16-APR-2020 10:0016-APR-2020 11:00Add to Calendar
Know your Browser Dev Tools!Daniel Hochleitner16-APR-2020 11:0016-APR-2020 12:00Add to Calendar
The Ultimate Guide to APEX Plug-insStefan Dobre16-APR-2020 12:0016-APR-2020 13:00Add to Calendar
Keynote / APEX 20.1Joel Kallman / Marc Sewtz16-APR-2020 13:0016-APR-2020 14:00Add to Calendar
A dozen things to do with Oracle APEXScott Wesley16-APR-2020 14:0016-APR-2020 15:00Add to Calendar
Bring the Light into Your Always FREE Autonomous CloudDimitri Gielis16-APR-2020 15:0016-APR-2020 16:00Add to Calendar
Design Principles for Creating “Grrreat” APEX ApplicationsSimon Hunt16-APR-2020 16:0016-APR-2020 17:00Add to Calendar
APEX Debugging 101Peter Raganitsch16-APR-2020 17:0016-APR-2020 18:00Add to Calendar
APEX architecturesNiels de Bruijn16-APR-2020 18:0016-APR-2020 19:00Add to Calendar
Building Single Page Applications in APEXMatt Nolan16-APR-2020 19:0016-APR-2020 20:00Add to Calendar
APEX and the REST of the WorldCarsten Czarski16-APR-2020 20:0016-APR-2020 21:00Add to Calendar
Learning JavaScript Concepts from Real-World SolutionsDan McGhan16-APR-2020 21:0016-APR-2020 22:00Add to Calendar
APEX Security ChecklistScott Spendolini16-APR-2020 22:0016-APR-2020 23:00Add to Calendar
Advanced CSS/JS Techniques to Tweak You Application UIMaxime Tremblay16-APR-2020 23:0016-APR-2020 24:00Add to Calendar
Browser DevTools: The other tool for APEX DevelopmentJorge Rimblas17-APR-2020 00:0017-APR-2020 01:00Add to Calendar
You’ve Got Mail: Tips, Tricks, and Tools for Mail in Application ExpressTimothy St. Hilaire17-APR-2020 01:0017-APR-2020 02:00Add to Calendar
APEX developer's tools of the trade. Applications and tools to aid in application development.Tyson Jouglet17-APR-2020 02:00 PM17-APR-2020 03:00 PMAdd to Calendar
Top 10 tips to optimize APEX for mobileVincent Morneau17-APR-2020 03:0017-APR-2020 04:00Add to Calendar
Social Login while Social DistancingMartin D'Souza17-APR-2020 04:0017-APR-2020 05:00Add to Calendar
Great features of SQLConnor McDonald17-APR-2020 05:0017-APR-2020 06:00Add to Calendar

Donnerstag, 12. März 2020

APEX und die DSGVO

Hier gibt es gute Betrachtungen und Aspekte zu APEX und der Datenschutzgrundverordnung (DSGVO).
Jeder/m bleibt selbst überlassen, was auf ihn/sie zutrifft und wie tief er/sie da einsteigen will oder muß.

Dienstag, 17. Dezember 2019

APEX Einführung - 5 Teile - in Deutsch

Für deutsche APEX "Nofizen" fand ich gerade einen schöne Einführung, die ich Euch nicht vorenthalten möchte:

Danke für die Mühe !!!

Die Teile im einzelnen:

Oracle APEX 18.2 Tutorial Teil 1 – SQL Workshop

Deutschsprachiges Einsteiger Tutorial für Oracle APEX 18.2. Tabellen mit dem
SQL Workshop erstellen. In dieser Beitragsreihe möchte ich Ihnen anhand ...
Weiterlesen …

Oracle APEX 18.2 Tutorial Teil 2 – SQL Commands

Im zweiten Teil des Einführungstutorials geht es um die Ausführung von DDL
Anweisungen über das Modul SQL Commander.  In diesem ...
Weiterlesen …

Oracle APEX 18.2 Tutorial Teil 3 – Application Builder

Anwendungen erstellen Sie in APEX mit dem Application Builder. Hierzu mehr im
3. Teil des deutschsprachigem APEX Einsteiger Tutorials. Application ...
Weiterlesen …

Oracle APEX 18.2 Tutorial Teil 4 – Page Designer

Im 4 Teil des deutschsprachigen Oracle APEX Einsteiger Tutorial geht es um die
Erstellung von Seiten mit dem Page Designer ...
Weiterlesen …

Oracle APEX 19 Tutorial Teil 5 – Process and Condition

Dieser Teil des Oracle APEX Tutorials zeigt Ihnen, wie Sie Prozesse und
Bedingungen ( Conditions ) in Ihren Anwendungen nutzen können ...

Donnerstag, 15. August 2019

Jasper Reports Studio 6.8 - Tipps & Tricks

some of my findings:

1. Number format, 2 decimals like 123,50 - Designer - sourceTab: <textField pattern="###0.00">


Alternatively you can also place the pattern ###0.00 in the "pattern parameter" as can be seen below under 3.2

2. Report page with two columns: Main Report - Properties - Advanced - columns .. 2


now you content or data will be displayed in two columns like in a newspaper.

First data will occupy the first column from top to down and subsequent data will go into the 2nd column etc.

an alternative approach with images in columns... - images side by side... in 4. a 2 column page is shown.

3. Summarize fields of detail band:

3.1 My field is called "Kosten" (Format java.math.BigDecimal) -

create a variable called  "SumKosten" (Format java.math.BigDecimal) like below:

3.2 then place a "Textfield" (not "Static Text" !!!) somewhere in the report like:

4. Image in Report

- In JR Studio Designer select the button to edit the sql sources
- in the lower part of the window select tab "fields" and edit the field e.g. "IMAGE" holding the BLOB of the table
- for class type click the '...' - select list and select image or "java.awt.Image" and OK/save.
- Back in the Studio drag and drop the "image" element from (right hand) "Basic Elements" to the canvas and that looks like:

last step: klick on the image object -  in Image:image "properties" - expression field will be "" (empty) - open the expression editor and select the image object like:

now test...

4.1 Image in report - SQL-statement (changes)

One thing I like to add:
When you change your SQL-Statement and add some fields using the "Dataset and Query Editor" you may want to use "Read Fields" in the upper right corner to populate the columns, which will become the Field names ... you will experience the phenomenon, that the "IMAGE" column (actually of type BLOB) will be populated as "java.lang.string"... !!!! beware of that !!!!
You will have to edit that field and assign the object type : "java.awt.Image" - pls see as under:

Every time you use "Read fields" you will have to do the above with the IMAGE (blob) column.
An alternative is:
Change your SQL (add columns...) and manually add the fields in the lower part of the editor. Then the image-field will stay and the object-type is not changed.