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Change APEX_USER password for end users

Environment APEX 5.1.3

Business case: How can the end user change his password?
(in reply to Dennis question in the APEX forum)

Prerequisite: APEX_AUTHENTICATION (default) = APEX_USER created in the workspace

The documention is straight forward:

The procedure example code is:

Step by step:

1. create a new page - type "blank" - let's say: Page 9
2. create a region named: Password change region
3. create an item named: P9_NEW_PWD of type "text field"
4. create a button named: "change Password"
5. in Page Processing - Processing - create a procedure named "change_password" of type pl/sql
6. in "PL/SQL Code" enter the above PL/SQL code
7. replace 'secret99' by :P9_NEW_PWD so it looks:

8. and last steps:
- the PL/SQL procedure "change_password" selected
- right hand in region "Success message" enter in: "Password changed successfully (:-)"
- in region "error message" key in "nothing done - error"
- in region "Server side condition" and "When Button pressed" select: "change Password"

SAVE everything - Test

That's it.


What does the procedure do?
It just uses your username (:APP_USER or &APP_USER. ) and replaces the corresponding password with the new Password.

I hope that helps.

BTW: there es another procedure to change the password:

There, the user must key in his present password and can enter a new password.

The example code of the procedure:

apex_util.reset_password (
    p_old_password => :P111_OLD_PASSWORD,
    p_new_password => :P111_NEW_PASSWORD );

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